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Mansion Dux/Palma de Mallorca

Sun-Boutique opened for business earlier this year and we’re offering some truly remarkable villas across the Mediterranean. Mallorca has it’s fair share of jaw droppin’ eye poppin’ properties. I got to road test one of them for my 40th birthday bash. I invited 16 of my nearest and dearest to stay at Mansion Dux for a 4 day celebration. The icing on the cake was the Saturday night party. 75 friends from around the globe turned up to help me ease into old age. First prize must surely go to a lovely couple who came all the way from Mexico.


Caterers were organised to feed the troops and keep them well watered. A DJ friend of mine supplied the tunes and a close friend organised an illusionist to walk around performing his magic. In the interests of the neighbours peace and tranquility the party went indoors on the stroke of midnight and we danced the night away until around 5. It was a memorable night and a memorable 4 days. The Mansion was the perfect place to host the party. The grounds were ideal for a get together. The evening was balmy and the atmosphere was joyful and celebratory. I was so happy to see my dearest friends and family enjoying each others company in stunning surroundings. It speaks volumes about the restraint and sophistication of my mates that I didn’t end up in the pool, fully clothed. The dress code was all white and I’m pleased to report that, to a man, everyone turned up looking the part.

To access Mansion Dux you travel up the narrow road, through the properties gate and into your own private idyll. The colonial style villa is located in a quiet part of Palma, Son Roqueta, and within easy reach of the island's nightlife and beaches. The villa enjoys exquisite privacy and serenity and is an architectural gem. Sitting proudly on a hillside, this manor house was once the residence of General Jaime Garau de Montaner, a noted Spanish officer. The building was modelled after Cuban Art Deco architecture with a central tower and a stately balcony.  

A charming and adventurous couple, Arndt & Chantal, totally refurbished the mansion in 2018. The integrity and old world ambience remain, visible in details like the impressive marble entrance stairs, pattern tiled floors and manor-like ceilings. In the words of Arndt and Chantal; In the Spring of 2013 we discovered this fascinating abandoned house. We were intrigued. Protected by the neighbour’s dog and a long stick, we risked a glimpse inside. 

We found white marble stairs with Art Nouveau/Deco handrails. Once upstairs, the ceilings were all 4 meters high with mouldings and all floors had different 1920’s floral and geometric tiles. Although there was graffiti all over the place and rubbish everywhere, it was easy to imagine how this house had once been and with a bit of TLC could become once again.  Finding the stairs to the highest floor, we were astonished to find valuable antiques like treasure trunks, clothes, shoes, umbrellas, hats in boxes, paintings, and lots of furniture. The last room we entered would later tell us all the secrets of the house: a room full of handwritten letters, family pictures, military records and hand drawn maps. 

We inspected the building a second time, this time with a specialised engineer in old Mallorquin buildings who reported; “Perfect, built to stand forever, built around 1890 and renovated in 1922, the time that many people travelled to Cuba when the trend was to copy the Cuban architecture in Spain.”

I can fully endorse Mansion Dux as a perfect venue for momentous occasions, photo shoots, workshops, corporate events and birthday bashes. It was fantastic to experience first hand what other guests can enjoy in this type of property. SunBoutique will be adding Mansion Dux to our Mallorcan properties very soon.